About Us

BauBid was started as an idea to help homeowners with their search for their ideal contractors and enable them to get quotes more efficiently.

We are here to help you get in touch with your local contractors and save you money and time along the way. It is a service that benefits both the contractors and the end users.

Contractors will be able to find local projects to work on without having to break their bank to make marketing materials that will hardly reach their target market.  BauBid is also green on the environment as well. We help contractors reduce their paper based marketing material. What’s more, we help them reduce the amount of time they spend driving around to promote and obtain new businesses. With the help of our web based forms. They will be able to do provide quotes online and in a greener manner.

On the other hand homeowners/end users can benefit from BauBid.com as well. Firstly, they will be able to save time obtaining quotes. Taking advantage of BauBid’s data base of local contractors, they will be able to find their contractor easier and more efficiently. Secondly, they will be able to check their references, read their reviews, and check their ratings all on our website as part of their research. Lastly and most importantly, they will save money through the bidding process.   

We believe BauBid.com will be the medium to bring contractors and project owners together and help both sides achieve their goals in a more efficient way. If you may have any comments or questions don’t hesitate to contact us.